About Us

Technologically wired world is now open to more than just chat, share photos and videos. It is now designed to make sense to every man, woman, boy and girl all over the world! It is not enough to simply register to use social media for communication; the time has come to use your pages on social media to not only enhance your humanity but to support your existence in a way that is highly rewarding, inspiring and seriously protect. PrimeHangout.com, is all about a platform designed to create connections and change lives like never before, We are all about innovations and more innovations

PrimeHangout makes it easier for you to do more depending on how creative you are. You can now make a video presentation of that cooking knowledge passed over to you from grandma, or make a video presentation of your interior/exterior decorating idea, or your workout idea, or your music. All you have to do is record it, upload and allow your friends and business contacts to watch at their convenience. Highly financially rewarding

Attacking social evils

The “right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” is a God given right that should not be taking from anyone or infringed upon, says Henry I. Balogun, Founder/CEO of www.PrimeHangout.com. The longstanding frustration in the effort to end abduction of children or adult is coming to an end. “Your child or loved one truly deserves the right to go out; enjoy the goodness of God; the wonders of the world; all that nature has to offer; realize their lifelong ambition or desire and come home Safe And Sound.

The first installment (initial release) of the amazing technology developed to help curb and eventually end abduction of children and adult is here. This is just the beginning. We are not unmindful of the fact that we still have a lot to do but the process is now in motion.

No matter how deep or sophisticated the network of the abductor, our network is deeper and more sophisticated. This is it! End of abduction of children and adult as we know it. Check it out.

PrimeHangout Mall

The time to use social networks to our advantage is now.” PrimeHangout, according to Henry I. Balogun, Founder/CEO promised to build the first real virtual mall where individuals as well as existing retail businesses could open a store and sell to millions of people on PrimeHangout. That promise is now a reality. Open your retail business page and reach more to increase your bottom line.


Transparency™ is a free tool designed to transform learning. If you are a teacher, Transparency™ is designed to reduce frustration associated with teaching a child who is running away from learning due to difficulties in comprehension.

Transparency™ provides an open door to a child struggling with whatever subject - math, science or any subject. Transparency™ is a new ally designed to reduce whatever stigma associated with slow learning.

Teachers from any school enrolled in the Transparency™ program would be able to post homework along with any specific instructions. Students would immediately have access to the homework posted by their teachers. Parents of students in the enrolled school would receive notifications and access to the same homework their children have access to. Any child who is in need of help would be able to find pre-screened and approved mentor(s) willing and ready to assist the child every step of the way.